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Child's Birthday

With Children's Birthday Parties we offer three options:

children painting pottery at Harry The Potter in Myrtle Beach, SC

Option 1: Ages 8 & Under: This package includes 1 piece of pottery for each party member to paint, a personalized party plate which includes the birthday child's handprint, thumbprints & names of the guests around the rim, the child's name & date, etc.; all painting supplies, use of our party room, and the glazing/kilning of the finished pieces along with staff assistance. Total is $150 for 8 participants, additional painters are $13 each. The party is for 2 hours and painters can choose from pieces from our party shelves.

Option 2: Ages 9 & Above: Same as Option 1 above except the pottery they choose from is larger and more tuned to the older age group. Charge for headcount over 8 is $14 extra per child.

Option 3: Pick your own pottery with each person choosing their own piece. The party room fee for this option is just $50 for 2 hours. Cost for this will vary depending upon the pieces chosen.

We can also create a custom package just for your needs! Simply call us with what you need and we'll work with you to achieve your results.